Acorn Learning and Development part of an award-winning group Acorn Learning and Development part of an award-winning group

Acorn Learning & Development is part of the award-winning Acorn Group, which comprises of the following companies:

Acorn Recruitment Ltd

The award-winning Acorn is one of the UK's leading recruitment and training companies with a network of branches, on-site l

Acornocations and specialist divisions throughout England and Wales.

The Group works with some 1,000 + public and private sector organisations across the UK every week, with a client list that includes a host of impressive businesses such as Panasonic, MBNA, Corus, HSBC, Muller, InBev UK, Network Rail, Peacocks, Wincanton, GE, Dyson, Balfour Beatty, Compass Group and Veolia, as well as a range of different public sector organisations across the health, police and prison services; local and national government, universities, and so on.

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Acorn Global Recruitment

Operating from the UK, Acorn Global Recruitment provides specialist recruitment services and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) for companies looking for skilled professionals to working around the globe.

Acorn Global is well positioned to assist companies on an individual assignment basis through to delivering complex recruitment process outsourcing operations.

Our knowledge and expertise, coupled with our use of technological innovations in candidate capture, assessment and selection ensures we provide a premier service to a host of international blue-chip businesses such as BIS Group, Downer EDI mining, Azimuth Resources, Mineral Deposits and many more.

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Being part of the Acorn Group, Exxell effectively operates as the UK's specialist technical division of Synergie, and provides permanent, contract and temporary recruitment across the engineering, rail, facilities management and construction sectors UK-wide.

With offices in London, Southampton and Maidenhead, the Exxell team has many years' experience of supplying a broad spectrum of skilled and semi-skilled labour for clients such as Invensys, NG Bailey, Network Rail, Balfour Beatty, and many others.

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In 2006 global recruiter Synergie acquired a majority stake in Acorn; an investment that underpinned its commitment to supporting companies operating internationally; and one that has helped to propel Acorn's expansion across the UK.

Synergie is an established, leading recruiter across Europe, Canada and Australia, with some 600 branches in 15 different countries placing 55,000 agency workers on a weekly basis, and serving over 95,000 different clients.

It is a €1.7bn business, making it the 5th largest recruiter in Europe, 15th Globally and one of the foremost worldwide.

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Synergie Group


Synaco is a subsidiary of the Acorn Group of companies.  Working closely with Acorn Global Recruitment, it was established in Australia in 2012 in response to the increasing demand for international recruitment for various mining companies. Following the success of this venture, the company identified an opportunity for local recruitment services and as a result, has grown into three States and Territories. Synaco Global Recruitment now has an active presence in Perth, Northern Territory and Adelaide.

Synaco works with a wide number of industries, filling both blue and white collar roles, with Australian recruits whilst continuing to work closely with businesses in a bid to recruit overseas staff.

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